New features will begin before Thanksgiving
The George Strait general store will look the same but everything else about it will be changed sometime in january. We were hoping to get some of the changes made in time for part of the Christmas shopping season but it will now be after the first of the year before any of the new featuress are put in place. In an effort to speed up and simplify the shipping process, as well as to make it much more fan friendly, the GSFC is in the process of completely redesigning the stores workings. The entire store will now be web based and orders placed on the web will no longer need to be re-entered in other software to process. All fans placing orders by mail and our toll-free phone number will still be able to place their orders in the same manner.
The new store setup will allow us to utilize UPS shipping in a much greater manner and will allow us the ability to send orders by overnight and second-day shipping. We will be using UPS exclusively for our shipping process, with the exception of memberships and shipments to post office boxes. Memberships will still be shipped by the postal service for no charge, but members may choose to have their memberships or renewals shipped by UPS using overnight or 2nd day shipping using the applicable shipping fees. It is important to note that overnight and 2nd day shipping means that those shipments will be utilizing that shipping manner from the time they are shipped and not necessarily from the time the order was placed. Our warehouse shipping takes place on a Monday-Friday basis except when closed for Holidays and during our annual Christmas break.
The fan club is also happy to announce that the utilization of UPS as our shipping partner will allow fans the opportunity to track the progress of their packages from the time they leave our warehouse. In addition, the new store will allow us to better communicate with our fans and customers by providing better customer service as well as making special incentive offers.